Comal River Rules 2015


In order to ensure each and every tuber gets to have their own fun at the Comal, the county has imposed certain rules and regulations for everyone to follow while at the river. These rules don’t take away from any fun you might have but rather look to create an environment in which everyone can enjoy themselves.

Comal’s cleanliness is the primary concern

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that you aren’t allowed to litter the Comal in any way. While the „can ban“ has been lifted and you are now free to bring your refreshments to the river, you must do in a container in which you will dispose of the empty cans and bottles afterwards. Glass bottles are also not allowed as glass shards might endanger tubers, swimmers and divers alike.

To prevent pollution, nothing containing or made of styrofoam can be brought on the Comal either. Since the Comal prides itself on having a beautiful and rich flora and fauna, these materials might damage the eco-environment and reduce the quality of life of those species inhabiting the river.

Other rules to follow

Another thing to keep in mind for tubers and kayakers is the size of their floatation devices. Tubes are meant to be no larger than five feet in diameter while kayaks must not exceed eighteen feet in length. This will prevent any tuber or kayaker from ruining the fun of others by having a floatation device too large in size.

Visitors to the Comal also aren’t allowed to jump into the river, be it from trees, bridges or anything other that might support a person. While this might seem fun to the person doing the jumping, it can not only put them at risk of fatal injury but can also put others on the river at risk – something that everyone should look to avoid at all times. Lastly, there are also regulations dictating that no noise produced on the river can extend past fifty feet in any direction, preventing any one person from creating a considerable disturbance.