Comal River


Comal River has long been considered one of New Braunfels’ gems and it is often the reason why tourists visit the city; often, everything else will be secondary. This is due to the fact that the river is an immensely popular tubing destination, providing a tubing experience like few other places in Texas.

Why everyone loves the Comal

Deemed the „longest shortest river in the world“, the Comal River instills pride in New Braunfels’ residents because of how clean it is and how many opportunities it presents. Tubing is, by far, the most popular activity on the river, and it seemingly hosts an endless amount of tubers each summer. These people come not just from all over the U.S. but also the world in order to know the charm of this delightful river.

Because of its always-cool temperature, the river is an ideal point for those looking to cool off from the very hot summers that New Braunfels and all of Texas are often known for. Aside from tubing, one can only do this by swimming, diving or even kayaking down the river, as these are also popular activities on the Comal.

The river is fed by the beautiful Comal Springs, giving it a steady flow rate even in the face of the possibility of rainfall. The combination of Native American treasure that was dropped in the springs and found its way into the river with the many valuables that tubers drop make the aforementioned diving a surprisingly popular activity for opportunists, both in the form of snorkeling as well as scuba diving.

Why the Comal is the river to be at

With how the Guadalupe has dried up in recent times, the Comal became an even more preferred choice for water recreationists in the area, almost making a visit to it mandatory. Even during the winter season, the Comal continues to offer residents and visitors alike something in the form of a beautiful sight they can marvel at.