Comal River Water Conditions


The Comal River is known for its steady water conditions that facilitate pleasant tubing throughout the warmer seasons. Unlike the oft-unpredictable conditions of the Guadalupe, where recreationists looking for thrills used to gather more often, the Comal offers steady water flow at almost all times.

Steady flow rate year-round

Aside from the constantly cool temperature regardless of how hot the weather is, the Comal also boasts a steady flow rate, never running too fast for anyone’s liking. Despite this, it’s still a great river for those looking to stay constantly on the move, seemingly always flowing at just the right speed.

Even during times of water, the Comal is never really under any danger of being flooded, and tubers can quickly return to their favorite activity once the pour ends. Comal’s reliable flow rate makes it popular not only for tubing but also for swimmers of different aptitude.

Keeping an eye out for rain

During times of rain, however, the water can threaten to go up to a thousand cubic feet per second, at which point the surface of the water ceases to be safe for people. Authorities will usually discourage anyone from entering the river when there is such a flow, and have been known to close the river when the flow exceeds a thousand cubic feet per second. These dangerous flow rates not only make the river unstable but also carry debris throughout the river that could injure recreationists in the area.

Fortunately, rainfall rarely causes the river’s flow rate to reach a thousand or several thousand cubic feet per seconds, especially during the summer when tubing is most popular. Because of this, the Comal has been a prime choice for tubers and water recreationists looking for a reliable river to cool off in when it’s hot, and will likely continue being one for a while.