Entering The Comal

Sometimes, entering the Comal can be just as challenging as the tubing itself. This is because of the great deal of tubers that are always trying to get in on the tubing fun from the beginning of the summer to its end.

Therefore, knowing the optimal spots to enter the Comal can go a long way towards easing your tubing experience. It’s not uncommon to have to wait in a line to enter the river, whether at an entry spot itself or in a tube rental facility.

Picking the right entry spot for you

If you are finding yourself at the wrong end of long lines forming in front of the Comal, you might want to consider another point of entry. Despite its relative shortness, the river is still long enough for one to comfortably enter through several spots and still have as much fun as possible.

If the standard entry is too crowded, consider driving to either Prince Solms Park or Hinman Island. Aside from being great picnic ventures, these parks both offer not only an entry point into the river but also a spot alongside the river where tubers can stop in order to rest. However, both of these parks can get very crowded during peak tubing times, especially Hinman Island. Parking can also be quite an issue here, so you might only have luck using one of these two parks if you are making your way there on a motorbike or bicycle or, alternatively, by foot.

Using shuttles for a speedy arrival

You can also use the shuttle provided by some of the tube rental companies. If this interests you, choose to rent a tube from a company that also offers shuttle services as part of their package. Once you have rented a tube, this shuttle will offer to take you, your family and friends as well as several other tubers to an appropriate entry spot where you will be able to easily enter the river.