Camping In New Braunfels

The camping locations in New Braunfels are many, depending on the preferences of the person and their idea of an ideal location. New Braunfels is known for its beautiful outdoors locations that accurately portray what the Texas Hill Country is all about, with a few added twists here and there.

RV camping

Many of the visitors to New Braunfels enjoy coming to the city in a recreational vehicle. This is indeed a very pleasant way to travel as it allows the travelers to settle at just about any spot, regardless of where they are going. Fortunately for these types of visitors, New Braunfels is very much prepared for RV campers as it features several RV resorts scattered across the city, usually near one of the city’s two beautiful rivers. These resorts will usually have their own cottages providing lodging on top of enough space to host many of these vehicles.

Pulling up a tent and enjoying the nature

For those looking for a more natural camping option, there are many places around New Braunfels where you can pull up a tent and spend many nights under the cover of stars. The side of the Guadalupe River is a very popular destination for such camping ventures. Because of the river’s size, potential campers are given many places to choose from across the river’s length, guaranteeing that there will be a little something for everyone. Camping is especially popular in light of the recent drought that the river has seen, as camping, swimming and fishing are now pretty much the only things to do at the Guadalupe.

For those looking to travel a bit farther, Canyon Lake also provides a great camping spot in the middle of beautiful nature. Aside from the many water-based activities to do at this lake, one can also hunt and hike lakeside, truly rounding up the camping experience for anyone looking to temporarily settle down there.

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